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Why Temployer? - Problems related with managing your flexible workforce

Agencies are too easy to call

Are your teams too quick to pick up the phone to the agency?


Filling unallocated shifts is laborous and time-consuming.

Unfilled shifts

"Up to a quarter of requested shifts for temporary care staff are not being covered", NHS Professionals report.

Difficulties keeping staff engaged

Keeping experienced, trained workers engaged is difficult.

Short notice

It is difficult to locate temps at short notice.

How can Temployer help?

Temployer offers an easy to use and efficient tool to manage your flexible workforce and supports you in booking your flexible workforce to unfilled shifts. Temployer serves both employers and workers in real time with carefully designed features. By making most of the tasks automatic, the service saves your staff considerable work time and effort freeing them from any difficult-to-learn software.

This coupled with our ongoing consultation with our Operations Director who has 10 years’ successful experience working in agency and as Head of Resourcing for one of the UK’s leading hospital providers. He will offer you guidance on how to supercharge your resourcing strategy to make sure that Temployer works for you.


For employers

  • Manage - Manage all elements of your flexible workforce from one system.
  • Automate - The system is fully automated from start to finish giving your team time to concentrate on delivering high quality of care to your service users
  • Engage - Workers are fully engaged all the time via the IOS/Android app and email
  • Grow - The system allow you to have as many workers uploaded as you like.
  • Share - Share your banks, if you have sites that are close to each other you can open up the sites to the use of each other’s bank and perm (overtime) workers.

For bank workers

  • Access to multiple sites from one app.
  • Access to more shifts than ever before.
  • Visibility of past and future shifts
  • Real time booking of shifts on a first come first serve basis

Features for employers

Take control

Temployer ensures that your teams are following the right process to give you the best possible chance for your own workers to pick up the shifts. We know its too easy for your teams to pick up the phone to agencies when they have a shit to fill. With Temployer the system automatically does this for you but gives you own teams the best possible chance to pick up those extra shifts.

Consultative tech

Our Operations Director who is not only an experienced Head of Resourcing but he has already successfully implemented the Temployer system into one of the UKs leading hospital group will be on hand to support you to align your resourcing strategy to really make Temployer work for you.

Increase productivity

Temployer saves time when filing your labour needs. It helps optimize your in-house human resources and allows your company management to concentrate on productive work instead of spending valuable time trying to fill shifts. These are but few of the benefits our customers have enjoyed.

Create and follow-up work shifts with ease

Only 30 seconds, and you’ve created a shift and sent it to your whole flexible workforce. Send shift information easily online using the service. Or use the email to make sure your message gets to the right people. Use the quick overview to see at a glance which shifts are already filled, and which still require workers.

Extensive reporting

Check all information about your shifts in one place. Real-time information on shifts is always at your disposal. Use the reports to make informed decisions to advance your company future strategy.

Dependable and safe

All traffic at Temployer is encrypted. A hourly backups are made of all customer information to make sure no essential information is lost at any point.

Go digital

Digital work time approvals, as well as automated creation of work contracts and job certificates considerably reduce paperwork for company administration. You can sign into the service using e.g. PC, Mac and mobile devices. Not being tied to a certain time and place will allow you to offer shifts as the need arises and make sure you get the right people to get the job done.

Features for your flexible workforce

Fast sign-up

Logging into the service is easy. Once you’re registered you can control your availability. You can add to your profile and update your account information whenever you want.

Make yourself available to multiple sites within your company

Temployer is a service where employees and employers meet. You choose which sites you want to have visibility of their available shifts.

Effortless to use

The service adapts to your work situation allowing you to concentrate your time and attention working in shifts for your chosen sites. Shift reservation takes place real time. You only accept the shifts you would like to do. The service shows the shifts you’ve booked, the shifts you’ve been offered, and the shifts you’ve completed. The service is available 24/7. You only need a computer or a mobile device with internet connection..

Dependable and Safe

All communication in the service is secured by HTTPS protocol. Service is handled only by dedicated staff members within Temployer and the company you work for.

Case: Caritas Foundation, Finland



Caritas services consist of unique residential services, high-quality home care and rehabilitation services, and medical services for the elderly and people with disabilities.

380 employees works in 18 different units.

  • Caritas Foundation has acquired a total of 3000 temporary workers through Temployer
  • An average of 650 temporary nursing shifts per month.
  • 93% of temporary nursing shifts filled

In addition cost and time savings in personnel administration


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Ben Benhafsi
UK Operations Director

About us

Temployer was developed in close cooperation with health care temps and employers.

The driving force to develop Temployer was employers strong need to get all your flexible workforce functionalities into one service.

Our UK Operations Director is a resourcing professional having been a Head of Resourcing for one of the UK’s leading healthcare providers. His is supported by our founder team who have over 40 years experience in digital business and web development.

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