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Ben Benhafsi

First of all, Happy New Year! We hope you had a great 2023, and as we look to 2024 I wanted to take some time to introduce myself, and talk about what it is we are trying to achieve over at Temployer for the healthcare sector.

So my name is Ben Benhafsi and I am the UK Operations Director here at Temployer. My career in healthcare recruitment and staffing started way back in 2010 on the agency side, and moved inhouse in 2015. Throughout this time I have seen the pressures that the sector has faced, from the huge consistent nurse shortages, all the way through to the fresh issues that were caused recruiting entry level staff through Covid-19 and of course Brexit. My teams have been responsible for successfully recruiting UK wide and overseas, so I understand a little about what it takes to get the correct staffing of your business on track, and to help control spiralling agency costs.

We post a lot about helping you manage your ‘flexible workforce’, by this we are talking about your substantive staff picking up overtime, your bank staff picking up bank shifts and then finally your approved agencies picking up any remaining shifts. What we do is plug all of these different elements into the Temployer system, your managers and staffing teams can then utilise the system to manage these elements of your workforce.

During my 14 years in healthcare recruitment and staffing, I have come to realise the importance of having access to different flexible workforce options. This includes large bank pools that can service multiple sites, and agencies who support care businesses, to ensure they are fully staffed to deliver quality care to their residents. At Temployer we have developed a system that allows you to manage all that from any computer and most mobile phones (although if you are still rocking a Nokia 3310 you may want to upgrade!).

Temployer gives your substantive and bank staff access to an app so they can reserve shifts simply and in real time. We provide access to the Temployer system to your approved agencies, who can upload fully compliant staff to ultimately fill shifts when your own staff aren’t available.

With our unique features which allow your own staff to take back shifts from agencies, we are helping you to ensure the staff who you want to work are the ones picking up your available shifts. In fact, we have been able to help our clients reduce their agency spend by circa 50% over the past 12 months.

I look forward to sharing monthly blogs around all things staffing, in the meantime feel free to DM me or take a look at www.gettemployer.com.

About Writer

  • Successfully headed up the Resourcing function for one of the UK’s largest care providers.
  • Recruited Staff both on the agency side and internal side for some of the UK’s largest care brands.
  • Supported implementation of Temployer across nearly 200 hospital sites nationwide.
  • Helped those hospital sites replace over 200,000 agency shifts with their own staff using the Temployer system saving them in the region off £7,000,000.